Let me introduce myself

Hoca Ahmet

Your spiritual healer in Nürnberg


Life & Education

Hoca Ahmet is from Evros, a region in the north of greece.

After 6 years in elementary school he went to quran school. He memorized the quran word by word and learned to speak the arabic language. After 6 years he graduated from quran school and becomes a „Hoca (Hodscha)“, an islamic teacher.

Hoca Ahmet started studying for 3 years at Suez Univeristy. His subjects were quran sciences and islamic psychology. Islamic psychology focuses on the psychological effects of prayers on the human mind.

In Suez Hoca Ahmet also deepens his knowledge of religious abrahamitic Scripts. Next to the quran, he also gains expert knowledge in the new and old testaments.

Hoca Ahmet speaks german, greek and turkish