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Hoca Ahmet


I am happy to welcome you to my website. On these pages, you will find out about the services I offer. I'm an expert for life Coaching, spiritual healing and protection of black magic. I may also assist you with your challenges.- Hoca Ahmet (Imam) Hoca Ahmet

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What is a Hoca?

A Hoca, also Hodscha or Chodscha, is a title for an islamic theologist. Requirements for this title include mastering the prayers in arabic language and the ability to teach prayers and their meanings. In mosques he moderates the prayers, gives the important friday sermon and teaches the quran to other believers. In turkey, a hoca also conducts the religious part of weddings. He leads through ceremonies and festivals. Additionally, he practices a form of healing, that utilizes charms, ritual activities and quran verses. He's often able to assist people with their physical sufferings, that have undiagnosed psychosomatic origins. In turkish language, Hoca means „Teacher“ and is used to respectfully address professors, lecturers or spiritual leaders. In the past it was also used to identify people in the upper classes: Scholars, businessmen and eunuchs of noble houses. In Albana and the former yugoslavia Hoca is synonymous ot "Imam".